Take a 3-5 day kickoff on your actual tasks! How it works? You present us with a set of tasks you need solved while our team delivers results. Whether the team and your needs are a match is your decision! In the end you got a great team or you got work done - next to nothing to loose. Drop us a note!

Python consulting

We offer team-augmentation/consulting with up to 10+ years of remote experience in Python-Web on Linux. Our experienced developers can join your team and contribute qualified, reliable, high code ethics software development, remotely with on-site sprints.

We can deal with challenging tasks and tight deadlines. Our people posess expert knowledge of Python, Zope Toolkit, Django Web framework and Pyramid/Pylons.

We can start a project from scratch. As well as developing the software, our team will help you set up a version control system, set up test infrastructure, continuous integration system (buildbot), a checkins mailing list, etc. POV also offers advice on agile software development practices.

Custom software development

We develop custom software, especially web applications using Python. Our programmers take pride in the quality of our products, and ensure they are up to our high standards by using an agile development process based on Extreme Programming (XP) and Scrum.

XP has a lot of benefits to our clients. It allows us to reduce various risks of a project by letting the client closely monitor the progress and see tangible results for the money already invested.

PoV delivers Software as a Service (SaaS) - we develop, maintain, operate, and provide support for your software. As an example PoV has been delivering SaaS for a 360 degree feedback tool Ivija.