Here you can find some more projects implemented by POV.

Zope3 checkins

Z3Checkins screenshot

We have written Z3Checkins -- a Zope3 product that indexes svn and cvs commit messages and presents the output as Mozilla sidebar or RSS feed.


geximon screenshot

geximon is a clone of eximon, the exim server monitor. It was written by one of POV programmers -- Gintas Miliauskas.

PySpace War

PySpace War screenshot

PySpace War is a game that was written during EuroPython 2005 (and the weekend before). It uses PyGame. PySpace War was written by Marius Gedminas (physics, graphics) and Ignas Mikalajūnas (AI). It is released under the terms of the GNU GPL. Some planet images are borrowed from IGE - Outer Space.